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SSEP: Mission Statement

The goal of SSEP is to improve pregnancy outcomes and long-term quality of life for women with diabetes and their offspring, which extend beyond birth for both mother and child.

We work with provider groups to increase their knowledge and delivery of care by:

1) Developing and/or endorsing events and activities that increase their knowledge.

2) Supporting multidisciplinary health care teams as they take a proactive approach, focused on healthy

3) Encouraging providers to involve the entire health care system, community and patient at all levels in supporting lifestyle changes that foster improved long-term health and quality of life.


Who we are

SSEP is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation formed to promote diabetes and pregnancy guidelines through education. The guidelines are based on the highly successful Sweet Success Model of Care. The SSEP Board of Directors oversees the management of assets to ensure that the purpose of SSEP is carried out. The Advisory Council Members, comprised of experts in the fields of nursing, nutrition, social work and medicine, provide  the knowledge and expertise to maintain the quality of the professional education materials developed and services provided.

The California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program (CDAPP) developed and implemented the Sweet Success model of care, and has over twenty years of proven positive outcomes. The program is unique in its guidelines and approach to care. It meets standards of care promoted by the American Diabetes Association and works collaboratively with other publicly funded programs including the California Department of Health Services' Diabetes Control Program and the Diabetes Coalition of California in maintaining management accuracy and program quality.

SSEP, in collaboration with other organizations with missions that parallel ours, is dedicated to improving the care of women with diabetes prior to and during pregnancy. Based on a program that has over thirty years of positive outcomes, this model of care provides guidelines with an organized plan and an effective approach to care. It meets the recommendations promoted by the American Diabetes Association and other publicly funded programs such as the Diabetes Control Program and the Diabetes Coalition of California.

Who our clients are

SSEP clients are professionals in nursing, social work, nutrition and medicine. They come from health care maintenance organizations, hospitals and clinics. They are people and organizations that want to provide quality care in a cost effective way with a program that has a proven track record. 

What we do

SSEP promotes the Sweet Success Model of Care by making it available and accessible to diabetes and pregnancy programs nationwide. This model of care remains the leading authority in diabetes and pregnancy guidelines and has been successfully implemented in various settings including managed care, primary care, clinics, offices, medical centers and hospitals at all levels of care in numerous states, and at Indian Health Service facilities.

SSEP also supports the work of the CDAPP and Sweet Success Express by developing education materials, assisting in conference development and providing support services for health care providers nationwide.


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The SSEP Board of Directors volunteers their time to governing the activities of SSEP so that the
purpose is met. The purpose of SSEP is to provide diabetes and pregnancy related preventative
education services across the nation.

 M. Joann Henry RNC MSHS
 President   CA
 Cynthia Parke RNC CNM MSN
 Acting Vice-President  CA
 Julie B. Daley RN MS CDE
 Co-Secretary  RI
 Tina Kelly MS RD CDE
 Co-Secretary  OR
 Ramona Patterson BSN RN CBC
 Treasurer  AZ
 Liz Miller RN BSN MS CDE
 Kathy O'Connell MN RN
 Member/Director  WA
Gladys (Sandy) Ramos MD  Member/Director
 Geetha Rao MS RD CDE
 Member/Director  CA


The SSEP Advisory Council Members are experts in the field of diabetes and reproductive health on implementing the Sweet Success Model in a variety of health care settings. The members are committed to improving the standards of care for women with  diabetes related to pregnancy.

 Kristi Anderson, MD
 Shiprock, NM
 Lisa Bollman, RNC, MSN, CPHQ  Anaheim, CA
 Zane Brown, MD  Seattle, WA
 Jenny Chee, Certified Lactation Consultant  Chinle, AZ
 Charlene Canger, MSW, MFT, LCSW  Stanford, CA
 Julie Daley, RN, MSN, CDE  Providence, RI
 Margarita Enriquez, RN, BSN, PHN, CDE  Bellflower, CA
 Richard Fox, Business Sector  Los Angeles, CA
 Kay Goldstein, LCSW  San Francisco,CA
 M. Joann Henry, RNC, MSH  Fountain Valley, CA
 Emily Holing, PhD, ARNP  Seattle, WA
 Maribeth Inturrisi, RN, MS, CNS, CDE  San Francisco, CA
 Lois Jovanovic, MD  Santa Barbara, CA
 Elaine Miller-Karas, MSW, LCSW  Clairmont, CA
 Tina Kelly, MS, RD, CDE  Jacksonville, OR
 Siri Kjos, MD  Torrance, CA
 Liz Miller, RN, BSN, MSN, CDE  Webster, TX
 Katherine O'Collell, MN, RN  Seattle, WA
 Cindy Parke, BSN, CNM, MSN
 Chico, CA
 Ramona Patterson, RN, BSN, CBC  Winslow, AZ
 Joan Perez, MBA, BSN, CDE  Riverside, CA
 Gladys (Sandy) Ramos, MD
 San Diego, CA
 Geetha Rao, MS, RD, CDE  Stanford, CA
 Doris Roberts, RN, BSN, PHN  Fountain Valley, CA
 David Sacks, MD  Pasadena, CA
 Sandy Sinnes, RN. BSN, CDE  Seattle, WA
 Alyce Thomas, RD  Patterson, NJ
 Shelley Thorkelson, MSN, RN, CNM, CDE
 Shiprock, NM

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SSEP's sponsoring partners have included Animas, LifeScan, Hoag Community Benefits Program on behalf of Allen Diabetes Center, LifeScan, Medtronic Diabetes, March of Dimes - California Chapter, Professional Education Center, MiniPharmacy, Novo Nordisk and Abbott Nutrition.

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